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We Appreciate in Purchasing our PATRIOT RODS.
This is your Warranty for your Rods.
Please keep it at a safe location.

  1. Warranty conditions
    Our warranty is a 1year warranty.
    Only one place after purchase is valid once.
    We will insure the rods after the premium amount of the rods has been paid.

  2. warranty conditions
    Our warranty covers only rods manufactured by our company.
    Our warranty covers rods use only under normal conditions.
    The premium amount is listed on the card.
    Our warranty covers only the item itself. Other items are not covered by the warranty.
    Shippin Costs and packaging will be paid by the customer.

  3. Voided Warranty<Non-coverage>
    Intentional incorrect usage of the item.
    Damage caused by dropping, smashing, or by extrerme force.
    Damage caused by natural usage.(wear and tear caused by normal use)
    Damage caused by unauthorized repairs, upgrades, or modifications.
    Missing warranty card info. Missing signature from store.