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HOOK Salmon Pike Pro

HOOK Salmon Pike Pro

【HOOK Salmon Pike Pro】

Anti-river salmon special hook. The best hook at the moment. Red needle specification.
Improved catch rate from King salmon to Chum salmon!
We have made achievements in rivers around the world. There is no problem with strength.
We made a special order for KATSUICHI CO,LTD.
This needle will become the world standard ! 100% made in Japan

(Types are single and twin specifications)

DJ-77PD /Single hook
DJ-88PD /Twin hook

Size Chartprice (no tax)price (tax included)(Quantity)
DJ-77PD (Single Hook)2/0773 jpy850 jpy6
3/0782 jpy860 jpy5
4/0800 jpy880 jpy4
DJ-88PD (Twin Hook)2/0773 jpy850 jpy2
3/0782 jpy860 jpy2
4/0800 jpy880 jpy2